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Congratulations and Blessings on your engagement on behalf of the staff of Our Lady of Perpetual Help it is an honor for us to take part in this very special time in your life.  Feel free to contact the parish office for additional information at 760-347-3507 

The Catholic Church believes and teaches that marriage is a sacrament, a symbol of the love that Jesus Christ has for his people, the church. As a sacrament, marriage is also a covenant by which a man and woman establish a partnership of love in Christ for the whole of their lives.   Marriage is ordered toward the good of the spouse and the procreation and education of children. It is meant to be a lifelong commitment... "till death do you part."

 Beginning the Marriage Process

The date for your wedding may be set after the pre-nuptial meeting with the Priest. Please do not make reservations of a reception hall or print invitations until you meet and establish a date.(A non-refundable deposit is required to hold the date.)



· A minimum of six (8) months preparation is required for all couples planning to celebrate a Catholic wedding.

· A initial meeting with the parish Wedding Coordinator will take place to begin the pre-nuptial process.  During this initial meeting Diocesan and parish Policies are reviewed. If needed, the initiation of necessary Diocesan paperwork will begin during this meeting. 

· Catholics must provide Sacramental certificates: Baptism, (an original certificate date within 6 months of the scheduled wedding date) First Communion and Confirmation 

· Participation in the parish 5 week marriage preparation classes or  a Catholic Engagement Retreat is required. We recommend unless otherwise stated by the parish Priest.

Ceremony Information

Weddings usually take place on Saturdays and are scheduled at 12:00pm and 2:00pm.  Friday weddings are considered please ask the Wedding coordinator for additional details.  Weddings are not celebrated during the Holy seasons of Advent and Lent. 

 Donation Fees

It is appropriate to support the work of the parish by giving your financial support. In the Diocese of San Bernardino, the offering made for a wedding is placed in the general operating fund of the parish.

· Wedding fee $700.00

· Rehearsal & ceremony coordinator $50 (payable directly to the coordinator at the time of the rehearsal)

· Organist/choir (payable directly to the musician)

 Special Scheduling Note:

When ceremonies are scheduled it is often well before our parish priests have planned retreats, continuing education seminars or vacations. Therefore, although it is rare, it may become necessary for the priest who is preparing you for marriage to ask another priest to preside at your ceremony.