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This ministry provides support for the OLPH emergency fund to assist the needs of the poorest families in our community.  CUNA maintains a special fund that operates strictly from the proceeds of special events and donations, and maintains direct contact with institutions that provide services and resources to people in need.

Contact Gerardo & Lucy Magaña (760) 347-3507

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a marriage enrichment program based on spousal communication.  Couples spend a weekend together away from the distractions and the tensions of everyday life to concentrate on each other and spend alone time together, to rediscover each other and together, focus on your relationship.

Contact Frank & Rosa Guzman (760) 347-3507

To provide caring consolation and spiritual support to parish families who are grieving the death of a loved one; as well as to offer quality education on how to prepare spiritual and financially to face this part of the life with dignity.  The members of this group offer also assistance with liturgical planning and serving in the funeral in various ministry positions.

Contact Martha Flores (760) 347-3507

Our Mission is to prevent families from becoming affected by drugs, alcohol, and gangs and to rescue those already affected.  Prevencion y Rescate’s values are piety, action and education.  We believe in helping individuals and families, emotionally and spiritually, through a holistic approach.  We provide counseling services, support groups, family prevention program, and Catholic 12 steps, in combination with religious retreat experiences, weekly meetings, and a yearly family Catholic Congress.

Contact Efrain Martinez (760) 347-3507

Pro Life Catholic Ministries addresses our Church's call for "A vigorous affirmation of the Value of Human Life" especially in the areas of Abortion, Chastity, Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning, Capital Punishment, Physician Assisted Suicide and Natural Family Planning.  We promote compassionate and practical assistance for those in need, provide formation on the Gospel of Life, and strives to inspire our Catholic Community to participate in spiritual, care giving, educational, and legislative efforts.

Contact Catholic Daughters of the Americas (760) 347-3507